WETU Mapping

WETU Mapping

Option 1:

In Nextour, select “Suppliers” and “Mapping Wetu”.

Use the search function to select the supplier required. The supplier should be highlighted by the orange line.

Click “Mapping” and search for the supplier again. This can be done by name or by country (or both).

Click on the “Map” button at the bottom of the screen.

The supplier has now been mapped and the Wetu ID
has been inserted. Search for the supplier under “Database” to double check.

Option 2:

The first step is to locate the Wetu ID number of the supplier/service. Please skip the first 4 steps below if you already have the ID.

Log onto www.wetu.com

Click on “Admin”, and then “Suppliers”

Type the name of the supplier and wait for the list to update. Don’t press enter or tab.

Hover your mouse over the desired service and the Wetu ID number will be displayed.

In Nextour, select “Suppliers” and “Database”. Search for supplier required:

Edit the required service and select the “General Information” tab.

Insert the Wetu ID in the allocated box:

Save and Close.

The Wetu logo will now be displayed next to the service to show that the ID has been inserted (as with option 1 above).

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