How to load a supplier on Nextour

How to load a supplier on Nextour

The purpose is to load a specific supplier including the following information:
- Supplier name(s) & Contact details
- Rates
- Information
- Negotiated Contract
- Internal notes


**NB! Before creating a New Supplier, make sure to do a search of this same supplier by typing the supplier's name by the Supplier filed, in order to avoid any duplications.

Select the Country in which the supplier is located. By doing this, a new button will appear which will allow you to add a new supplier.

Click on the “Add Supplier” button:

A blank supplier shell will now appear on the right-hand side of the screen.

Complete the block named “Supplier Name” by typing the name of the supplier exactly as provided or as you would like it to show on the programme and vouchers, etc.

Complete the “City” by clicking the 3 coloured dots and selecting from the list.

From there, work on each Tab from left to right, completing all the information as necessary.

Once all the necessary information has been inserted, click on the “Services Provided” Tab and the the “Add Service” button:

Choose between the following options and then click “Select”:

-Car Rental


A new blank shell will open.

**Don’t forget to amend the ‘Service Name’ to reflect the same as the ‘Supplier Name’, plus any additional information that may be required.

**IE: For a hotel, both the Service Name and the Supplier Name can be identical. When loading restaurants or transfers, etc, the first part Service Name can the same as the Supplier Name, with the addition of “- Restaurant” or “- Transfers” at the end. (eg: aha Bongani Mountain Lodge - RESTAURANT or aha Bongani Mountain Lodge - TRANSFERS)



Start at the “General Information” and work your way from left to right, completing all the necessary information under each tab.

Once all the information is correct, click on the “Rates” Tab. From here, click on the 3 coloured dots to load a new contract validity period.

A new window will open. In the bottom of the block under “Contract Detail”, complete the information pertaining to the contract you are going to load and click “Add”.
-When loading a new contract, always make sure that you click “Add” and not “Save”. If you click save, it will override the contract that is already loaded and this could mean disaster.

Add the necessary attachments.

Once completed, click “Select”. A blank shell now appears. Sometimes there will be rates reflecting towards the bottom half of the screen. Don’t worry about this. It’s just the ghost of the previous contract that was loaded and as soon as you add your first room type it will disappear.


Click “New Room” and complete the block as necessary:

Type of Room – Either Single or Double, Triple, etc.
Description – This is the actual name of the room (ie: standard, superior, junior suite, etc). Ensure to click the 3 coloured dots rather than typing in the blank block.
Remarks – This would be to distinguish one option for another within the same room category (eg: Mon to Thu Rates / 2 adults & 2 Children).
Inclusions – Everything that is included in the rates.
Exclusions – Everything that is excluded from the rates.
Capacity – This is the physical room capacity.
Beds – This is the actual bed types that are offered.

Once the information is populated correctly, click “Save”. This room type is now reflected

Make sure the correct room is selected and click “New Rate”.
NB! The selection jumps back to the top / first room so please make sure that you have highlighted the correct room before loading the rates.

Complete the “Valid From” and “Valid Until” dates by either typing or clicking the calendar and selecting the required date.
Tick “Closed” or “Special” if applicable.
Insert the “Minimum Night Stay” if applicable.
Tick/Untick the necessary days the rate is applicable for.
Select “Meal Plan”.
Insert rates for 1 Pax, 2 Pax, 3 Pax, 4 Pax and Children as per the contract.
Copy and paste “Inclusions” from the contract.
Copy and paste “Exclusions” from the contract.
Insert any important information under “Remarks” (eg: minimum stay, maximum occupancy, etc).
Completing the “Additional Rates Per Person” block if applicable.
Click “Save”

Repeat the above steps for each new date band, as well as each new room type.

Add in any extras that may be necessary:
-“New Extra linked to the rate” means the extra is applicable to the specific date band only.
-“New Extra linked to the room” means the extra is applicable to the specific room type only, including all date bands loaded within.
-“New Extra linked to the contract” means the extra is applicable to all room types during all date bands.

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