How to create legs

How to create legs

The “Legs & Pax Bases” Tab let you create legs (itineraries) and set the pax bases (number of people) in your quotation.

Why would you need to create legs?
- When quoting different countries & currencies in one itinerary (ie: South Africa – ZAR & Botswana – USD). However, this is not compulsory as you are also able to quote both destination on one leg.
- When needing to quote for different parties (ie: Family 1 & Family 2, etc).
- When quoting on pre- or post- extensions individually from a main tour.

Description: Here you are able to give your leg a unique name to help identify it from the others.
Includes & Excludes: These blocks allow you to list all the inclusions and exclusions of the leg for easy reference
Cost Base Pax: Insert the number of passengers here, excluding children. In the event of a group (pax banded quote), insert a range of numbers (ie: 10, 15, 20, 25, etc).
Free Pax & Free Single: Insert the number of “FOC” passengers needed here (ie: Tour Leader).
Participants: This updates automatically when saved and shows the total number of passengers inserted including the FOC’s.
Primary: This allows you to choose which pax base to use as the default when doing a pax banded quote.
Internal Note: Insert important information pertaining to the specific leg here.
Cancellation Policy: Terms & Conditions of the generic cancellation. These can be amended manually.

Ensure that you click “Save” (located at the top left-hand side of the screen, above the ‘General Information’ tab) after each amendment that you make.


Why would you need to create a supplement?
- When adding a child into the quotation.
- When listing a service that will serve as an upgrade/downgrade. This needs to be associated with a specific service (ie: accommodation).

How to add a supplement:

From the drop-down menu on the right-hand side, select whether you would like to add an adult or a child.
Select the services you would like the supplement to apply to. Or leave it as “All”.
In the “Description” block, type a description for your supplement (ie: Child – 10 years old).
Pax: Insert the number of pax that pertains to the supplement.
Click “Save”.

The block on the left-hand side of the screen will now reflect the supplement as follows:

Ensure that you click “Save” (located next to the ‘Description’ block) after each amendment that you make.

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