How to load customer payments

How to load customer payments

From the home screen, hover over the “Invoices” icon and select “Customer Payment”.

A new window will open showing a list of all previous client payments that have been received:

Click “Add”.
When the new window opens, click the 3 coloured dots to select the appropriate client:

Once selected, complete the following information:
- Bank Reference
- Payment Method
- Bank Account
- Currency

As soon as you select the Currency, the bottom line will activate and turn lighter. Click on the “Find Invoice” button. This will bring up a list of all bookings with outstanding payments due for the specific client selected:

Highlight the appropriate invoice and click “OK”.

Insert the amount paid in the block labelled “Remittance Amount”. The “Left to distribute” block will now reflect this amount.

Copy this amount into the block labelled “Paid for Fees”. The “Left to distribute” block will now reflect a 0 amount.

Click “Save & Close”.

The entry is now reflected at the very top of the list:

To check that the payment was captured correctly, go back into your booking and click on the “Customer Invoices” Tab. The payment will be reflecting underneath the invoice:

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