How to load a rooming list

How to load a rooming list

From within the booking, select the “Participants” Tab:

In the bottom left-hand block, insert the first passenger’s details:

Click “Save”. The information now appears in the block above as follows:

Continue these steps until each passenger’s details have been captured. Be sure to click “New” after each one so that the information does not get over-written.

Once all of the passengers have been loaded, move to the far right-hand column and select the room type:

Your selection will automatically be listed in the block below. Fill in the necessary notes (ie: ground floor room, sea view room, etc). The room type will now appear at the bottom of the window:

From here, select the name/s (press “Ctrl” to select multiple) of the passenger you would like to add to that room and click >>

Use << to remove any passengers as needed.

There are 2 print functions above the rooming list:

Print Rooming List:
Renders as a PDF document and shows each room as loaded:

Print Passenger List:
Renders as a PDF document and shows each passenger as loaded:

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