How to create vouchers

How to create vouchers

Vouchers are created to represent a proof of payment to the supplier in order to obtain a service.

Select the “Vouchers” Tab. A blank section will appear. At this stage, no vouchers are showing:

Click “Suggested Vouchers”. All services with confirmed statuses and where a booking reference has been inserted will appear as follows:

Select the services under the date section by clicking on each one until they are highlighted, and then click “Create”. You are able to select just one service, or multiples.

A new window will appear asking if you are sure you would like to create the vouchers. Click “Yes”:

Click “Manage Vouchers” to view the vouchers you have just created.

By highlighting a voucher and clicking the “Edit button”, you are able to check and insert any additional information needed on the voucher:

After inserting all the necessary information, click “Save & Close”.

To view the voucher, select the required service (or all of the services) and click “Print”. The voucher/s will render in a PDF document:

Please note: If the booking has been classified as a "Group" under the Program Details Tab, the participants names will not appear on the voucher.
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