How to create a new customer

How to create a new customer

Once you have performed a very thorough search to make sure the customer isn’t loaded, click on the “New” button. A blank template will open as follows:

Complete the information as necessary on all of the tabs and click “Save”. The new customer will now reflect in the list on the left-hand side of the screen.

Tabs explained:

Markup Policy – This Tab allows you to set special / different markup policies per customer:

Contacts – This Tab allows you to capture contact details of specific people within the customer:

Extranet Sections – This Tab allows you to show/hide certain services per customer:

Notes – This Tab allows you to make notes pertaining to the specific customer:

Attachments – This Tab allows you to attach documents to a specific customer:

Activity – This Tab shows information regarding the number of quotes and bookings processed for a specific customer, as well as a conversion percentage, non-confirmed bookings, and arrival numbers:

Figures – This Tab allows you to view the turnover and markup amounts for a specific customer:

History – This Tab allows you to see who created the customer, as well as all changes made on the customer’s profile:

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