How to create a guide checklist & cash advance

How to create a guide checklist & cash advance

Under the “Program Details” Tab, select the Checklist View and then chose the services/costs that need to be linked to the guide. You are also able to select the services using the filters in the “Search By” block on the right-hand side of the page:

For each service, either click on the name, or click the “Edit button”, and open the “Documentations / Operation” Tab:

Ensure that the form of payment is set to “Cash”, and that the correct Guide has been assigned. Fill in the Guide instructions as necessary.

Once all the cash services have been updated, select the documents to export by selecting the appropriate filters:

* Please note: A guide cash advance will always be exported in a PDF document due to the fact that the guide's banking details are featured on the document. These details cannot be changed manually.
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