How to export specials, lists and rates

How to export specials, lists and rates

The Export function allows you to export data in the following ways:

Export Specials: This function exports all “Special notes” and “Specials/promotions” under desired suppliers. The filters are as follow:
Refined search: Type in the supplier along with the validity period (expiry date) you are looking for.
General search: You can also enter just the validity period and ALL services will be selected.
The export renders on an Excel spreadsheet.

Rates Export - COST: This function exports Suppliers tariffs (STO rates), as well as information (important notes, extras, etc).
Select the Country pertaining to the service type you are looking for, insert the required validity dates, and select whether you’d like the extras to be included on this report.
You have the option of showing the net costs (internal), or to include the mark-up as per each customer.

Exports List: This function exports the entire database (all suppliers) under the selected filters:

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