How to create a new quote

How to create a new quote

Select the “Quotes” Tab from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen, and click on the “New” button:

A blank quote template will now open in the “General Information” Tab:

Complete each field as necessary:

Document No: Do not fill this in – The document number will be automatically generated once the “Save” button has been clicked.
Customer: Select the name of the agent or client by clicking on the 3 coloured dots and choosing from the list.
Customer Origin: This should automatically fill in based on the option chosen when the agent or client was loaded in the CRM section. This can be changed by clicking the 3 coloured dots.
Language: Select the desired language in which the programme should render.
Currency: Select the currency in which the quotations and invoices should render.
Country: Select either the country of arrival, or the country in which the clients will spend most of their time.
Date In / Date Out: Insert the date of arrival and the date of departure respectively.
Valid From / Valid To: Click the arrow on the left-hand side to auto-fill the top dates to the bottom. These dates can be altered/back-dated if you are doing a quote for quite far into the future when there are no contracts or rates loaded (ie: 2-3 years from now) to be used as an estimate.
Category: Select “Group” for quotes with larger numbers of travellers, or “Individual” for smaller or FIT quotes.
Date: Defaults to the date of the quote creation.
Consultant Quote: Defaults to the consult’s profile on which Nextour is logged in. This can be changed to another consultant by clicking on the 3 coloured dots and selecting from the pre-populated list.
Consultant Booking: This can be the same as the Consultant Quote. Alternatively, by clicking the 3 coloured dots, you can select a different consultant from the pre-populated list to handle the booking.
Branding: Select the preferred branding for the quote proposal. This usually defaults to the company branding, but you are able to load additional ones if necessary.
Model: Select the preferred design in which you’d like the client programme to render in.
Hide Date: When this option is selected, the programme will render “Days” instead of “Dates” (ie: Day 1, Day 2, etc instead of 01 Jan, 02 Jan, etc).
Booking Name: Choose a very concise name that will clearly be able to differentiate clients and quotes.
Internal Note: Insert any important information that needs to conveyed internally (ie: VIP status, allergies, etc).

Remarks for Customer: Insert any important information that needs to conveyed to the agent or client on the quotation or booking.
Emergency Cell Numbers: Insert any emergency contact details on which the agent or client is able to contact your company.

Click “Save”.

A document number will be automatically generated.

You will notice that a new block appears at the bottom of the page. A Version represents a package in which all information is contained (ie: number of people, service details, totals, etc). A quotation may contain many different versions. Each version can be renamed for easy reference by clicking on the orange bar and typing the information (eg: Option 1, or 3 Star Option, etc).

Version icons explained:

Once all the fields have been completed, click on the “Save” button.

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